Quantcast TORQUE TABLES - TM-55-1945-205-24-4_742

TM 55-1945-205-24-4 0247 00 2 0247 00 a. Multiply DT by LT. b. Add AL and LT. c. Divide the first answer by the second answer to find AT. TORQUE TABLES How To Use Torque Tables 1. Measure the diameter of the bolt to be torqued. 2. For SAE fasteners, determine the threads per inch by counting the threads. For metric fasteners, determine the thread pitch using a thread pitch gage. 3. Determine the type of markings on the bolt you are torquing by comparing the markings on the head of the bolt with the chart below. 4. Determine if this will be a wet or dry torque. a. Wet torque is any bolt that is lubricated or coated with an antiseize compound. b. Dry torque is any bolt that is not lubricated or coated with an antiseize compound. 5. On the table below, locate the bolt to be torqued. a. Locate the diameter of the bolt. b. Determine the threads per inch for the SAE fastener or the thread pitch for the metric fastener. c. Slide across the table to the proper grade. d. Choose wet or dry. e. Slide down the proper column and across the proper row until they intersect, this is the proper torque value. 1 8.8 10.9 12.9 STANDARD METRIC


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